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Total healthcare expenditures in the U.S. in 2003 were $1.6 trillion; approximately $227 billion of these outlays were in out-of-pocket payments.1

In a recent study among patients who have postponed a routine medical appointment, 29% said it was for financial reasons. Of those who have postponed an emergency visit, 25% have done so for financial reasons.2

Choosing between one's physical well-being and financial well-being does not have to be a trade-off. Now there are debit and credit card payment solutions that are fast becoming the easy way to pay for healthcare, for patients and providers alike. (Adapted from Mastercard® Solutions for the Healthcare Industry, 2004. Click to download full article)

American Express has now made it more profitable for you to accept the American Express® Card at your medical practice by lowering its discount rate to be competitive with other bank cards.* By accepting the American Express Card, you are offering your patients another payment option at no extra cost to your office. More payment options increase the likelihood of immediate payment and can reduce your administrative and billing costs. Elective dental procedures are on the rise and patients are paying more of their own dental expenses. When you accept the American Express Card, patients may take this easy and convenient opportunity to pay outstanding bills and to schedule additional treatments or cosmetic procedures.

Additional benefits include:

In your profession, there are many complicated decisions.
This one is easy.

Accept Credit Cards  1 (800) 476-5020

1Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Statistics for 2003

2Families USA Study 2003

*Offer applies to office-based dentists who do not currently accept American Express Cards.

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