W-9 Form & TIN matching


Introduction & Overview

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 is a federal regulation that requires "merchant acquiring entities" to report the gross amounts of their merchant customers' electronic payment transactions to the IRS. These new requirements will apply to transactions beginning on January 1, 2011, with required reporting and tax withholding to begin in 2012. All merchant acquiring entities must collect via the W-9 Form and verify the Tax Identification Number by performing TIN Matching and associate the legal business name and address for each of their merchants on file.

In accordance with this new law, we are implementing procedures and system enhancements to prepare merchants for the impact of these requirements, effective January 1, 2011. Currently, we are anticipating the Secretary of the Treasury's release of the specific requirements and regulations associated with the new reporting rules. We will continue to update you with educational and support information as it becomes available.

Legislative Overview

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 created new payment transaction reporting requirements intended to help the IRS identify under-reported sales. At year-end, the reporting entity (i.e. the "merchant acquiring entity") will be expected to file a Form 1099-K, an information return, with the IRS and provide a copy to you, reporting the gross amount of the credit card, debit card, gift card, and e-commerce transactions associated with your business.

New Reporting Requirements Summary

IRS Requirements:

IRS Requirements for Merchants

Requirements & Implications

The new reporting law - which was opposed by business associations, banks, and industry associations before it was ultimately signed into law - also requires us to collect and verify each merchant's Tax Identification Number (TIN) and the legal business name and address associated with that number.

If you fail to provide us with your TIN, or if there is a discrepancy between your TIN and the legal business name in our records and the IRS' records, you will be subjected to IRS mandated backup withholding. This withholding provision goes into effect for transactions starting in 2012 (unlike the reporting provisions of the legislation, which apply to transactions beginning on January 1, 2011).

Our Action Plan

Date Task
1/25/2010 All new merchants will be included in the TIN Matching process.
1/25/2010 thru 4/30/2010 We will send all merchants through the IRS TIN matching program. Letters will be sent to any merchant that fails the matching process.
2010 Communication efforts to merchants will be ongoing through 2010 in an effort to obtain updated taxpayer information.
1/1/2011 thru 12/31/2011 Transactions will be captured for reporting to the IRS.
January 2012 Based on 2011 transaction activity, a Form 1099-K will be printed and mailed to every merchant.

Fill Out and Submit your W-9 Form Online:

  1. Download the W-9 Form right here fill it in and save it to your computer.
  2. Please be sure to include your Merchant Identification Number (MID) on the form to allow for proper filing.
  3. Email the form back to us by clicking below.

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TIN Matching Process

The acronym for Tax Identification Number, TIN, is a generic term to refer to a business' Employer Identification Number (EIN) or the business owner's Social Security Number (SSN). If you are notified that your TIN or legal business name in our records does not match the IRS' records, you must provide us with a form W9.