On September 7, 2018 Clover removed all Surcharging Applications from its Clover App Market and off any Clover device that previously downloaded a Surcharging App.

Per Clover:


“Although Clover has received requests to provide third-party applications in the Clover App Market that facilitate credit card surcharging, Merchants that improperly charge a surcharge to customers will be subject to fines, fees, and penalties from the card networks. As such, it is Clover’s policy to prohibit applications in the Clover App Market that facilitate any type of surcharge. Any published applications designed to add a surcharge will be removed from the Clover App Market and Merchants’ devices on September 7th, 2018. After this date, any applications submitted that provide surcharging will not be eligible for inclusion in the Clover App Market.

However, Clover will not prohibit applications that provide a discount to customers when cash or debit is tendered to a Merchant. Developers are responsible for ensuring their Applications properly implement their cash discount program and comply with applicable rules and laws. The publication of a purported cash discount Application in the Clover App Market does not imply such an application is in compliance with applicable rules and laws. If a Merchant receives a fine, fee, or penalty for its use of a Developer’s cash discount application, the Developer will be responsible for promptly reimbursing such Merchant(s).”

We suggest that all Clover merchants look at how they give cash discounts currently and make sure they are being done in compliance with the rules and laws regarding providing cash discounts to customers who pay with cash or a debit card.

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