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Verifone Vx610 Wireless Terminal Credit Card Machine

The Verifone Vx610 is the industry-leading wireless credit card machine. Based on the reliable and superior Verix-based technology, the wireless Vx610 terminal is necessary for businesses that needs to process payments anywhere at anytime. The Vx610 operates on Sprint wireless technologie and at only 1.5 pounds is easily portable. The Vx610 is completely battery powered and is hassle free – no complicated charging bases or extra cords needed to operate the credit card terminal. The ATM-like display is simple to use and the built in printer provides customers with a printed receipt immediately on thermal paper. To protect against tampering and fraud, the Vx610 comes with the latest protections such as SSL, 3DES encryption, Master/Session and DUKPT key management, and VeriShield file authentication.

Dimensions Verifone Vx610
8 inches L x 4 inches W x 2.8 inches H

1.5 lbs

Features Verifone Vx610
- Extended – life battery
- SoftPay software
- 4 MB  memory
- High-speed thermal printer
- Dual-modem
- Integrated PIN pad
- 8 soft-function keys
- 4 screen-addressable keys
- Display supports 8 lines x 21 characters
- 32-bit microprocessor

Application, Activation & Programing Fee-$85.00

Monthly Statement & Gateway Fee-$20.00

Card read (Swiped)  tranaction Costs

Credit 1.89% and 34 ¢ per item

Debit  1.33% and 34 ¢ per Item

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