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Tranz 420

The Tranz 420 provides all the reliable capabilities of the Tranz 460, but has the added benefit of a battery-back up system – allowing merchants to take the terminal with them anywhere to process payments. The battery is strong enough to process up to 200 transactions between charging. Optional applications and add-ons can allow the battery to charge using the cigarette lighter in a car or work with a cell phone. The printer generates two-part receipts and audit trail reports. The 2400 baud modem quickly processes batch uploads and downloads applications in a time-efficient manner. Fully equipped with ZONTALK 2000, the Tranz 460 downloads system parameters directly in a minute or less. The display prompts are easy to follow, guiding you through the transactions smoothly.


Dimensions Tranz 420
4.57 inches H x 5.83 inches W x 11.85 inches D


Weight Tranz 420
4.0 lbs

Features Tranz 420
- 32 Kbytes EPROM
- 32 K bytes battery-backed RAM
- 16-character fluorescent display
- Two-track magnetic card reader
- Peripheral ports for individual business needs
- Accepts all major credit and debit cards
- Integrated printer
- 2400 baud modem
- Prompts to guide you through the transaction
- Security and fraud features

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