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Tranz 380x2

The Verifone Tranz 380x2 does the work of two terminals in one fast effective machine. The independent memory segments can run a credit card authorization application in one segment and another application in the other segment simultaneously – such as a debit program, frequent-shopper program, time and attendance application, or an inventory tracking application. Merchants can switch from one application to another in a few seconds with the touch of a button. The Verifone Tranz 380x2 is fully compatible with the Verifone Tranz 380, and has many similar features such as the ZONTALK 2000, which downloads system parameters quickly in less than a minute.

Dimensions Verifone Tranz 380x2
1.5 inches H x 5.6 inches W x 6.0 inches D

Weights Verifone Tranz 380x2
2.2 lbs

Features Verifone Tranz 380x2
- Z80 CPU microprocessor
- 64 Kbytes EPROM
- 128 or 256 Kbytes battery-back RAM
- 16-character fluorescent display
- Two-track magnetic card reader
- Peripheral ports
- Accepts all major credit and debit cards
- Check guarantee, data capture, and electronic fund transfer
- Fast batch processing
- Supports printers, PIN pads, check readers
- Security and fraud control

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