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Tranz 380

The Tranz 380 has all of the dependability of the Tranz 330, but this newer model has improved services to work faster and more efficiently. The Tranz 380 supports applications that help track important information such as employee time and attendance. The large memory can conveniently collect data so businesses can start frequent-shopper programs. The Tranz 380 quickly processes batches and decreases waiting time. Individual businesses can customize the terminal to fit their needs by attaching a slip or roll printer, PIN pad, or a bar code wand. Fully equipped with Verifone’s program ZONTALK 2000, the Tranz 380 can quickly download system parameters and programs, the terminal clock and password.

Dimensions Tranz 380 
1.5 inches H x 5.6 inches W x 6.0 inches D

Weight Tranz 380
2.2 lbs

Features Tranz 380
- Accepts all major credit and debit cards, check guarantee and data capture
- Supports business applications
- Fast batch processing
- Two-track magnetic stripe
- ZONTALK 2000
- Peripheral ports to customize terminal
- Easy-to-read display
- Security and fraud control features
- Z80 CPU microprocessor
- 64K EPROM memory
- Accommodates a variety of receipt printers
- 64K battery-backed RAM



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