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Verifone PINpad 1000SE

Interested in getting lower debit-card processing fees and offering pin-based debit card transactions to your customers? Purchasing an external PIN pad for your terminal will lower the processing cost of debit-cards. The PP1000SE allows customers to easily and securely enter their PIN, while also having the opportunity to review and confirm the total price of their purchase. The LCD screen displays up to eight characters at a time and is simple to read. The PINPad 1000SE is PED-compliant and is secure against fraud. For further protection against fraud, the PINpad 1000SE can support the Triple DES encryption standard and Master/Session or Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management methods. The PINpad 1000SE is durable and built to last, with hard rubber keys that are easy to clean.

Dimensions Verifone PINPad 1000SE
1.46 inches H x 2.68 inches W x 5.90 inches D

Weight Verifone PINPad 1000SE
.15 lbs

Features Verifone PINPad 1000SE
- 8 character LCD display
- Durable easy-to-clean keypad
- Compatible with a variety of terminals, PCs, and   electronic cash register systems
- PED-compliant
- Triple DES encryption
- Full backward-compatibility
- Small design fits in the palm of a hand

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