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Talento 2U Credit Card Machine

The Dassault Thales Talento 2U credit card machine is simple to use and extremely secure. The large, brightly lit screen is easy to read, and the ATM-like keys are user-friendly. The Dassault Thales Talento 2U terminal quickly processes payments by pre-dialing at the swipe of the credit card, begins printing during transaction authorization, and starts printing the receipt while the customer signs the merchant copy. Merchants retain control over their terminal and protect from fraud with password protection.



- 5 x 21 line display
- 25 key keyboard
- Five programmable keys
- Three screen addressable keys
- Integrated or external PIN pad
- Up to four Security Access Modules (SAMs)
- Magnetic strip reader
- Integrated thermal printer
- Prints seven lines per second
- 1.500 transaction storage capacity

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