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Hypercom T7 Plus

The Hypercom T7 Plus is based on the previous Hypercom T7P models, but significant changes in the design were made based on customer feedback. This upgraded terminal is even more reliable and efficient. The 35 or 19-key keypad features one-touch technology, allowing common every-day functions to be performed with the touch of a button. The SureLoad™ printer is simple to operate and eliminates time struggling to load the printer. The graphic-capable thermal printer issues receipts in half the time of previous models and merchants can also print logos and coupons. The optional 56K modem remotely downloads much faster than similar terminals in a timely manner.

Dimensions Hypercom T7Plus
10.0 inches x 5.18 inches x 2.5 inches

Weight Hypercom T7Plus
1.5 lbs

Features Hypercom T7Plus
-Compact terminal designed to take up as little space as possible
-35 or 19-key configurations
-20 merchant IDs in one terminal
-2400bps (standard) - 56K (optional) modem
- 32°-113°F operating temperature
-Supports PIN-based debit and EBT transactions, gift cards, check guarantee, check conversion, and prepaid cards
-Fraud-prevention features
-Compatible with PIN pads, check readers, and check imagers


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