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Hypercom T7P F

The Hypercom T7P-F credit card machine is a small processing terminal featuring an integrated friction printer. The printer is easy to load and quickly prints 1.7 lines per second. The keyboard has either 19 or 35-keys, is easy to use and includes single key activation for features such as check, debit, void and refund. Additionally, the LCD monitor displays two lines of 20 characters and is easy to read. The terminal can also house up to twenty different merchant numbers, allowing multiple users to share the same machine. Check imagers, PIN pads and check readers can all be attached to the Hypercom T7P-F to increase the accepted types of payment. The Hypercom T7P-F comes standard with a two track magnetic stripe, with the option to upgrade a third stripe as an additional option. Furthermore, the 512KB of RAM has the capability of storing up to 200 transactions per batch

H 4.5 inches x W 6.25 inches x D 11.5 inches

1.98 lbs
2.40 lbs with paper

-One-touch keys
-1200 – 2400bps modem
-Pin pad port
-512KB – 1 MB RAM
- 5-year backup RAM battery
-Optional 59 key QWERTY keyboard
-Operating Temperature -32° - 113° F


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