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Hypercom T7E & T8 Credit Card Machines

The Hypercom T7E and T8 credit card machines are very reliable terminals specifically designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. These terminals, built to process credit cards require an external pin pad and printer for processing debit cards. The 35-key keypad is color-coded and features “hot keys” for quick and easy one-touch function activation. Additionally, the impressive 512K RAM can hold up to 1,000 transactions at a time.

6 inches W x 6.75 inches D x 2.25 inches H

1.3 lbs

- 2 x 20 backlit LCD display
- 35 key keyboard
- 512K RAM
- Two track card reader
- 1200/300 bps
- Ports for PIN pad and parallel printer
- Lithium batter
- Dial, LAN, or leased line operation
- Less than 10 second response time
- 32-113° F operating temperature
- Key Life : 350,000 operations
- Card Reader: 400,000 reads


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