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Hypercom T77 T Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom T77-T credit card machine is a reliable and cost-efficient terminal fully equipped with an internal thermal printer. The high-performance terminal processes credit, debit, check and proprietary cards. The 35-key keyboard is easy to learn and cuts back on training time. The screen is simple to read with a strong backlight and displays two lines with a maximum of 20 characters. The magnetic stripe has two tracks, with the option of adding a third track.

Dimensions Hypercom T77-T
6.75 inches W x 9.25 inches L x 4.25 inches D

Weight Hypercom T77-T
3.65 lbs

Features: Hypercom T77-T
-Up to 1.0 MB RAM
- 5-year back up RAM battery
- Peripheral Ports: S7C, S7SC, S8, P7E, ICE, HFT 105
- Card reader reliability: 900,000 reads
- Keypad reliability: 450,000 operations
- 2400 or 1200 bps modem
- 32-110° operation temperature
- Non-condensing
- 12,000 volts ESD
- 100,000 hours reliability

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