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Hypercom S9 PIN Pad

The Hypercom S9 PIN Pad provides customers the option of paying with their debit-card and gives merchants a lower rate on debit-card transactions. The Hypercom S9 fits in the palm of the customers hand and is simple to use. The keypad is large and color-coded to maximize efficiency and minimize errors. The display brightly lights up, ensuring that customers can easily read the prompts on the screen and is ADA-compliant. The Hypercom S9 is a professional and secure PINpad. Merchants and customers data is safe on the Hypercom S9; the PIN pad is PCI-PED compliant and merchants are given the choice of Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) or 12 Master/Session keys. The Hypercom S9 has backward compatibility, so it can be easily added to your current terminal!

Dimensions Hypercom S9 PIN Pad
3.54 inches x 6.73 inches x 2.09 inches

Weight Hypercom S9 PIN Pad
.5-.6 lbs (depending on configuration)

Features Hypercom S9 PIN Pad
- PED-approved
- Triple DES
- DUKPT or 12 master/session keys
- LCD display 2 x 16 characters
- Optional magnetic stripe




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