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Hypercom P1300 PIN Pad

Are you interested in getting lower debit-card processing fees and offering pin-based debit card transactions to your customers? Purchasing an external PIN pad for your terminal will lower the processing costs of accepting debit-cards. The Hypercom P1300 PIN Pad meets PCI-PED compliance regulations. For further security, the Hypercom P1300 PIN pad has triple DES encryption for Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT). The LCD display is easy to read and shows 2 lines,16 characters at a time.

Dimensions Hypercom P1300 PIN Pad
.31 inches x 6.02 inches x 1.30 inches

Weight Hypercom P1300 PIN Pad
.40 lbs

Features Hypercom P1300 PIN Pad
- DUKPT key management
- DES and Triple DES encryption
- 16 water splash-resistant keys
- PCI PED approved
- 32° - 115°F operation temperature

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