Processing Debit Cards in your Business

Process Debit Cards like they were Credit Cards!

Accepting Debit cards is a great way to enable your customer’s to spend their money at your store!

Debit Cards are a smart payment option for your customers because:

The Debit system is the most popular and efficient payment option today with over 60 percent of all credit cards in use are debit.

Payment from the sale is deposited into your business checking account with your regular credit card transactions.

Transactions are easy and fast. Conducting a debit card transaction work just like a credit card sale on our system. No pin number is needed for the customer to spend money when their debit card is branded with Visa or MasterCard.

Pin Based Debit

Pin based debit transactions are also simple to process the customer only needs to enter their PIN (personal identification number).

Debit card transactions will appear on your  statement with credit card transactions on your consolidated merchant processing statement  and can be viewed on our online statements.


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