Check Guarantee Conversion / Check Conversion 

Process Checks like they were Credit Cards!

Use electronic check conversion to transfer information from a paper check into an electronic payment from your customer’s bank account. With Check Guarantee, merchants can relax knowing that they will still receive payment even if a customer writes a "bad check."

Check Guarantee Details

Procedure at the Point of Sale

  1. Merchant will swipe check through a check reader and input drivers license number and amount of sale.
  2. If transaction is approved a duplicate receipt will print and the customer completes the receipt.
  3. The check is stamped "ACH Processed" and the check along with the receipt are handed back to the consumer.
  4. Check Processing Company will fund merchant on transaction in 48-72 hours similar to a credit card. (Consumer still experiences a 2 day float.)
  5. Merchant will not be charged back for any returned checks. (As long as proper procedures are followed.)

Merchant Responsibilities

  1. The receipt must have consumers signature, printed name and phone number.
  2. Drivers license number must be entered into terminal.
  3. Merchant must batch out daily and provide a copy of receipt within 48 hours of the Check Processing Company's initial request.
  4. Check must be from the consumer's PERSONAL checking account!

Merchant Benefits


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