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Cell Phone Credit Card Swiper

Turn your cell phone into a credit card machine! Simply plug the card reader into your audio jack on your cell phone. Works with iPhone®, and Android™ Smartphones. Designed for mobile businesses by providing real time, secure credit card transactions everywhere your cell phone works. Signature Capture, lower swiped rates, new credit card processing account activation is required.

Processing Rates from only 0.68% and 29¢

Size: 1.18 inches x .043 inches x 1.77 inches


  • 300,000 cycles minimum

  • One Year Manufactures parts & labor warranty

Compatible with:

  • IPhone 4

  • IPhone 3G

  • IPhone 3GS

  • iPod touch

  • iPad

  • Droid

  • Droid II

  • Droid X

Free Card Swiper

Free merchant account software for your phone

Application, Activation & Programing Fee-$49.99

Monthly Statement & Gateway Fee-$17.00

Card read (Swiped) transaction Costs:

  • Credit only 1.68% and 29¢ per item
  • Debit only 0.68% and 29¢ per Item

Apply Now

Call (800) 901-7500 for full details!

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