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Authorize.Net is a payment gateway system designed to help web merchants process payments in a safe and secure environment. Authorize.Net accepts all the major credit cards, echeck.Net, gift cards, signature debits, and internet auctions.

Web merchants remain in control of the payments and are able to monitor payments with the Merchant Interface. An industry-leading security system is included that prevents against fraud. Authorize.Net is compliant with the new PCI standards-- the cardholder information is never stored on the computer, instead payments are deposited automatically into the merchant bank account and accessible within a few days.

Authorize.Net developed two different ways for merchants to use their services, depending on the unique needs of the business. The first method, Simple Integration Method or SIM sends customers to the Authorize.Net website to complete their order on a secure webpage. After their order is completed, the customer is then automatically returned to the merchants website.

The second method, Advanced Integration Method, or AIM, allows the customer to enter their payment information without leaving the merchants website. Both methods provide secure payment solutions for any online business.

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