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Printer 900

The Verifone Printer 900 is fast, reliable printer giving maximum printing performance in a variety of high transaction volume environments.  Its raw print speed is a swift 3.7 lines per second.  The separate motor for paper advance plus a print head that prints in both directions allows increased efficiency. The Printer 900 has a print head life of 100 million characters, providing years of reliable performance.  It will also connect to any Verifone terminal that supports printers giving versatility and reliability.  The Printer 900 has integrated paper roll support arms which help keep the paper in place without need of a spindle, an item frequently misplaced.  The automatic paper feeding ensures trouble-free loading.  Additionally, the paper-low/paper-out sensors inform you of the status of your paper supply.

Dimensions Verifone Printer 900
9.2 inches L x 6.08 inches W x 3.51 inches H

Weight Verifone Printer 900
5.75 lbs

Features Verifone Printer 900
-Bidirectional, 3.7-lines-per-second printing
-100% compatible with all Verifone-developed Printer 200 and 250 text applications
-8-pin serial dot matrix print head
-High-yield ribbon with life of 2.0 million characters
-Supports ribbon less printing with special impact-sensitive paper

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